What a data analyst is and what do they do?

Do you know what a data analyst is? Are you curious about the data analyst job? Or do you want to be a data analyst? A data analyst extracts data to search for insights and uses it to solve problems. They also communicate this information to stakeholders for decision-making.

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Companies in all industries rely on data to make critical business decisions, such as new markets to enter, new products to develop, new investments to make, identifying inefficiencies, and other business problems. Data analyst is to assign a numerical value to these important business functions so performance can be assessed and compared over time. But the job involves more than just looking at numbers: An analyst also needs to know how to use data to enable an organization to make more informed decisions.

Types of data analysts

People who perform data analysis might have other titles such as:

  1. Medical and health care analyst
  2. Market research analyst
  3. Intelligence and Policy Analysts
  4. Business intelligence analyst
  5. Operations research analyst
  6. Management analysts

What does a data analyst do?

Based on job descriptions posted on indeed.com, here’s what we can expect to do as a data analyst:
  1. Work closely with management to identify critical metrics and KPIs, and prioritize business needs
  2. Collect data from primary and/or secondary data sources
  3. Filter and clean data
  4. Identify, analyze, and interpret trends and patterns in complex data sets
  5. Visualize and present findings to key stakeholders
  6. Build and customize reports
  7. Develop and maintain dashboards
  8. Create and maintain documentation regarding data models, measures, and infrastructure as they are developed

Is it worth being a data analyst?

Siliconrepublic says data analyst at 4th in "Top 10 in-demand tech jobs for 2023". Also, Naukri says data analyst at 2nd in "The most demanding jobs in India 2023". 
Based on Insider, a management analyst is 9th on "30 high-paying and fast-growing jobs". Then, Usnews posted "100 Best Jobs" with Market Research Analyst on the 14th, Operations Research Analyst on the 15th, and Management Analyst on the 17th. Once more, the University of Wollongong Australia reposted from the Department of Employment Australia about predictions on which occupations will grow, creating the most careers by 2023 and the number 8th is Intelligence and Policy Analysts.

How about the salary?

If we check on Glassdoor, we can see the average salary of a data analyst is $71,549 per year in the US and ₹600,000 per year in India. If we look at Indeed, the average salary of a data analyst is $72,478 per year in the US. These figures suggest that data analysis is a well-compensated profession.

So, are you more interested?

How to become a data analyst?

Becoming a data analyst can begin right after school or through a career change. The key is developing the necessary skills: proficiency in data tools, programming, and statistics. You can get that skills from college, or if you switch careers, you can get that skills from courses.
And, don't forget to try internships before applying for full-time jobs. In my experience, I got an internship after taking some courses, and my internship was fully remote. I can do remote internships and other activities, such as, continuing my learning journey and applying for full-time jobs.

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